Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rain, Rain, Let's Play Today

As I blogged the pictures from our rain fun on the other blog ( , I couldn't help but correlate rain play to life.  This may be a stretch but for me it was a clear picture.  For rain play and fulfillment, conditions must be just right!! Timing is everything.  First it must be the perfect season for the water temperature to be enjoyable on the skin. Second there should be no lightening for safety reasons. Third it must be a convenient time to get wet so as not to wreak havoc on clothing, hair or valuables, etc. For me personally, it has to be in a location where bare feet or flip flops are too.  (Soggy socks do not allow me to enjoy:)

 In much of my life I have experienced this! In some of my life I have missed this.  There is so much to be said for the delayed gratification of waiting for the perfect moment coupled with the spontaneity to jump into the moment!  Ready and set with exact amount of prayerful anticipation minus the killjoy of too much expectation to dive in and live fully in His creation of that second in that place with those other creations.

It seems our cultures (both secular and religious) lose sight of that. Either they are completely impatient or they wait to buy, sell, or participate out of obligation or extremely high expectations.  Both of which leave them disappointed!  "Wait" is far removed from "no", but our culture has made them a synonym. "Hope" is FAR removed from "demand" or "require".  To hope in God's promises is different than to attempt to control Him by our human actions.

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